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We supply tunnels in various sizes and lengths, in either 2m or 3m arch spacing. Our tunnels are suitable for vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, as well as a variety of herb crops and flowers. A variety of cladding materials is available for the various structures.

Tunnels are manufactured from pre-galvanized steel and all welding is hot-dipped galvanized afterward. All our tunnels can be environmentally controlled or can be naturally ventilated. The tunnels we provide can be built to specification as per the client’s needs and requests.  The standard size tunnels that we offer are 8m, 10m, 12m, 14m but we also do a standard 4m Domestic tunnel.

Additionally, we build wood drying tunnels (Kilins) as per request by the client.

4m Tunnel
10m Tunnel Inside
8m Tunnel
10m Tunnel Outside

Multispan Green Houses

Multispan is a multi-purpose greenhouse structure with vertical sides and interconnected gutters that can be used for a variety of crops. Due to the high roof, it is easier to control the temperature. It can be covered with plastic, Polyethylene, or rigid polycarbonate sheeting.

We offer various sizes and can manufacture to specification as well. The structures are either naturally ventilated with roof and side curtains, or have a pad and fan cooling system with Envirowatch digital control boards. In the Multispan greenhouse range, we build 6, 8, 10 and 12m structures,

We build Multispan greenhouses only up to 2000m² in size. Anything bigger is more affordable and quicker to import. We are in a joint venture with Vegtech and also market their Multispan greenhouses. We use only the best quality pre-galvanized piping for our structures, and all our piping and channels are 2mm plus thick. All the parts on our structures are hot-dipped galvanized after welding.

8m Multispan
8m Multispan Gothic

Shaded/Gauze Structures

8m Multispan insect proof greenhouse with Polycarb roof.
6m x 30m net structure

Solar Kilns

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